No Chicken Dinner. Battlegrounds Mobile India bans 87,961 accounts for using illegal programs

 Battlegrounds Mobile India has announced it blocked 87,961 accounts because they involved using illegal programmes to gain unfair victory in the game. Krafton released the data for seven days, between September 24 and September 30. Considering this was a short time, Krafton has done a good job, delivering on its promise that it made last week when it said it would take strict action against illegal players.

In a notice, Krafton said that these 87,961 accounts were sanctioned after the game’s security system and community monitoring found them violating rules after a proper investigation. “Battlegrounds Mobile India will strive to implement strong sanctions with the ultimate goal of eradicating the use of illegal programs in order to provide you a pleasant gaming environment,” said Krafton.

Earlier this month, Krafton listed out a series of new efforts that it is planning to take to ensure illegal players are weeded out as swiftly as possible. The crackdown on accounts that use illegal means is working out. The South Korean company said it works daily “on logic enforcement and updates to illegal programs, blocking ad channels, and monitoring real-time.” It also detailed at least three ways to ensure this crackdown.

Krafton said it will carry out detailed scrutiny of the accounts of top-ranked players of Battlegrounds Mobile India. “We are cleaning it up”, said Krafton. This means that if an account is found using cheats, it will be banned. If an account is found promoting cheating or using a cheat-assisted rank push, Krafton will ban it. Even an account that has previously cheated but has recently stopped will lead to a permanent ban, per Krafton. The company would also suspend accounts that are advertising the sale of illegal programs and cheats.

In other news, Battlegrounds Mobile India is getting all the modes that you see on PUBG Mobile. Krafton announced a total of seven new game modes for Battlegrounds Mobile India: Infection Mode, Metro Royale, Payload 2, Runic Power, Survive Till Dawn, Titans: Last Stand, and Vikendi. These modes were available for PUBG Mobile previously. There is no particular date for the release of these modes yet, but Krafton should roll them out soon.