Use two Instagram accounts at the same time on your smartphone


A big problem that “Instagrammers” face is the hassle involved in managing two accounts simultaneously. The official Instagram client doesn’t allow multi-sessions, meaning you have to logout and then login again with your details every time you want to switch accounts. Luckily, there’s Instwogram, where you can have two accounts open simultaneously from different apps installed on the same device.


This is neither a fork nor an alternative client. Instwogram is an exact copy of the original application, but it’s installed as if it were an independent tool, making it so you have two versions of Instagram installed at the same time and thereby letting you login to a different account on each one of them.

They are internally exactly the same, and the notifications for each are separated. Its philosophy is similar to that of OGWhatsApp, an app to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time by replicating the software and making your system think they are two different programs.

Instagram security problems

Now for the bitter with the sweet. Facebook seems not to be putting in enough of an effort after its acquisition of Instagram: on top of the flaws in the original service (sorted out by the user community) a significant security breach has recently been discovered by a user. It seems the Android app never completes an HTTPS encryption of the data you send to the server, meaning it’s susceptible to attackers, who could make away with all of a user’s posts and ID information.

The blog of the person who discovered the breach details, step by step, the checks he did while monitoring the activity on the network with WireShark to verify whether the app’s communications with the Instagram servers is done via HTTP. In fact, Facebook is aware of the problem, and in an email responding to the discovery they explain that they are aware of the break and they are “trying” to resolve it. For the umpteenth time, your data privacy has landed in the hands of business giants who have no idea how to handle it. We’re nobodies.