New AndroBranch for KIDS

  AndroBranch releasing a new Androbranch for Kids, named  AndroBranch Kids

AndroBranch kids

AndroBranch Kids is a new website made for kids in which you will find apps and games just for kids.  Here you will not find any such apps which will not get any kind of wrong app for children, here you will not get Modded apps at all and whatever apps you get will be Teachers Verified.  The safety of the children will be fully taken care of, even on this AndroBranch Kids there will be no such ads which come from any other platform such as Google Adsense so that we do not send the children to any wrong platform where they will not get any  Wrong things or any wrong knowledge should be given.

 That is, we can say that it is safe in every way for children.  Now we are also not saying that there will be no ads on AndroBranch Kids, there will be ADS which will be safe for the children, otherwise we do not want to earn by showing any wrong advertisement to the children.

 AndroBranch Kids will be launched soon and we will keep you informed.