Best VPN App - AndroVPN

A new VPN app that lets you secure in this vast world of online, whose name is AndroVPN

What is a VPN and how does it work?

VPN (virtual private network) is a technology that encrypts your internet traffic on unsecured networks to protect your online identity, hide your IP address, and shield your online data from third parties. VPNs use real-time encryption and send your internet data through a secure virtual tunnel to minimize the possibility of anyone tracking what you do online.

How does it work? When you connect to a VPN service, it authenticates your client with a VPN server and applies an encryption protocol to all your internet data. The VPN service then creates an encrypted “tunnel” over the internet. That secures the data traveling between you and your destination.

What can a VPN offer me?

VPN offers you privacy, security, and peace of mind.

When you use AndroVPN, cybercriminals, your ISP, and regular snoopers have a hard time tracking your actions online. It gives you a layer of protection that no other online security tools are able to provide. With a new IP and virtual location, you become much harder to track and able to enjoy online privacy.

With AndroVPN, you can use the internet the way it was supposed to be — open and accessible to everyone. And you’ll be sure your data stays safe while you wander around.

This app has been launched by AndroBranch on the AndroBranch App Store and Google Play Store on 26th June 2022, which you can download absolutely free.

 Now talking about the features of this app, here you get more than 20 countries with limitless proxy server.  This app is so simple that you will be connected to the fastest server with just one click.  By launching this app, our only purpose was that we can secure all of you online.

 After all this, you will also get all kinds of help related to this app on AndroBranch Help.

Use AndroVPN and enjoy all the benefits

Extra protection 24/7

  • Threat Protection makes sure you don’t accidentally download malware or enter a malicious website. It also blocks trackers and invasive ads to make your browsing safer and smoother.

  • Use AndroVPN’s extra features to stay safe from cyber threats. Enable the Kill Switch to automatically terminate your internet access in case your VPN connection drops.

  • Dark Web Monitor scans public data breaches when they happen. If your login credentials are leaked, it notifies you so you can act fast and secure your accounts.