How to use ChatGPT for free on your Android device (app and browser)


ChatGPT has become in recent months a tremendously useful and almost essential tool for thousands of people around the world. This conversational simulator uses all the recent advances in artificial intelligence to answer all our questions, including solving problems that we may have using all the data at its disposal.

That is why ChatGPT in any of its versions has become very popular. And today we will explain what options you have to use this powerful tool easily and for free from your Android mobile

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a powerful tool that generates texts thanks to the power of artificial intelligence to answer all our questions or requests. This means that this tool can not only hold a conversation with us as if it were a real person, but can also answer specific questions on all kinds of topics (because it has all the knowledge of the Internet at its disposal) and even solve various issues.

For this reason, ChatGPT is a tool that millions of people are using to make some processes much faster and easier, both in professional environments and for personal projects or pure fun. Thus, ChatGPT has become incredibly popular.

Is ChatGPT Free?

ChatGPT has a free and a paid version . Essentially, all the features of ChatGPT are completely free for all users in the world and you will not be missing out on any of the power of this tool by using its free version.

The paid version of ChatGPT, called ChatGPT Plus, simply ensures faster response times by giving priority servers to its users (which means that if there is a queue to use it, premium users will still have access). In addition to this, ChatGPT Plus users also have access before anyone else to the new features and tools that this AI may incorporate.

How to use ChatGPT from your Android mobile?


To use ChatGPT it is not necessary to have downloaded any app related to this AI. ChatGPT 4, the latest and most advanced version of the tool, is accessible easily and free of charge through the main Android browsers .
It is enough to access the web address « » from our favorite Android browser, log in (or register if it is our first time) and start writing to ChatGPT to have all your answers.



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ChatGPT - Chat with AI Chatbot

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In addition to the browser version of ChatGPT, which is the official OpenAI version, there are several GPT-3 based applications that serve the same function. ChatGPT – Chat with AI Chatbot is one of these apps that, based on GPT-3, offers the possibility to speak directly from an application with artificial intelligence .

We must bear in mind that, since it is based on GPT-3, it is a previous version of the OpenAI tool and, therefore, less powerful . In return, this app offers some unique features like a higher degree of customization in responses.

The counterpoint is that, although this app can be used completely free of charge, the questions that we ask will spend tokens (in fact, if we want to access the most powerful simulators we will have to spend more tokens) that can be obtained by viewing ads within from the app itself. Which, of course, does not happen with the browser version of ChatGPT.