Zoom partners with Anthropic to bring AI assistant Claude to its products

Zoom partners with Anthropic

 Zoom, the popular video conferencing platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Anthropic, an AI safety and research company. The collaboration between the two companies will further bolster Zoom's federated approach to AI.

The partnership will allow Anthropic's AI assistant, Claude, to be integrated with Zoom's platform. The integration will start with Zoom Contact Center, which includes Team Chat, Meetings, Phone, Whiteboard, and Zoom IQ. This will help Zoom to provide its users with more robust, steerable AI solutions.

Anthropic's CEO Dario Amodei said, “Collaborating with Zoom allows us to bring robust, steerable AI to more people in the workplace. We are excited to showcase Anthropic's and Zoom's commitment to boosting productivity through AI-enabled solutions that prioritize safety and helpfulness.”

Claude will help customer support agents create better self-service features. This will guide customers towards relevant solutions. It will also help agents by surfacing necessary resources while they are serving customers.

The partnership between Zoom and Anthropic is a significant step forward for both companies. Zoom's federated approach to AI will be further enhanced by the expertise of Anthropic, which is focused on building reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems. The integration of Claude with Zoom's platform will provide users with more robust, steerable AI solutions that prioritize safety and helpfulness.