Indian android users mostly searches for

Android users in India search for a wide range of topics. However, some popular search topics among Android users in India include:

Bollywood movies and actors: Indian cinema, especially Bollywood, has a massive following in India. Users often search for the latest movie releases, trailers, reviews, and updates about their favorite actors and actresses.

Cricket: Cricket is a hugely popular sport in India, and Android users frequently search for live scores, match updates, player statistics, and news related to cricket tournaments, especially the Indian Premier League (IPL).

News and current affairs: Android users in India stay informed about the latest news, both national and international. They search for news articles, videos, and updates on politics, sports, technology, entertainment, and other topics.

Technology and smartphones: India has a large population of tech-savvy users, and Android users often search for information about the latest smartphones, gadget reviews, technology news, and tips and tricks related to Android devices.

Education and exam preparation: Many Android users in India search for educational content, exam preparation materials, online courses, study resources, and information about universities and colleges.

Health and fitness: Users search for health-related topics, including tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, information about specific medical conditions, fitness workouts, yoga, and home remedies.

Travel and tourism: Android users often search for travel destinations, hotel bookings, flight tickets, travel itineraries, and information about tourist attractions in India and abroad.

Entertainment and music: Android users in India search for the latest songs, music videos, movie trailers, celebrity gossip, TV shows, and web series.

It's important to note that search trends can change over time, and user preferences may vary.