Top Indian Smartphone Brands Featuring INDUS OS: A Complete List

  INDUS OS had established partnerships with several Indian smartphone brands to integrate its operating system into their devices. While the list might have evolved since then, here are some of the top Indian smartphone brands that have featured INDUS OS:

Indian Smartphone Brands

Micromax: Micromax is one of the prominent Indian smartphone brands that has collaborated with INDUS OS to provide a localized smartphone experience to its users.

Intex: Intex Technologies, another well-known Indian smartphone manufacturer, has partnered with INDUS OS to offer smartphones with regional language support and localized content.

Karbonn: Karbonn Mobiles is another Indian brand that has integrated INDUS OS into its smartphones, aiming to cater to the diverse linguistic preferences of Indian users.

Celkon: Celkon is a Hyderabad-based smartphone manufacturer that has also featured INDUS OS in some of its devices.

Swipe: Swipe Technologies, known for its budget-friendly smartphones, is among the Indian brands that have collaborated with INDUS OS.

Zen Mobile: Zen Mobile is another Indian smartphone brand that has opted to include INDUS OS in its devices.

It's important to note that the smartphone market is dynamic, and partnerships between operating systems like INDUS OS and smartphone brands can change over time. Additionally, new brands may have joined the list, and existing ones may have discontinued their association with INDUS OS or introduced devices with different operating systems.

For the latest and most up-to-date information on Indian smartphone brands featuring INDUS OS, I recommend visiting the official website of INDUS OS or checking the websites of individual smartphone manufacturers to see the operating system specifications of their latest devices.