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AI-Generated Photos on WhatsApp with Meta's Imagine Me

Like all other Companies that are embedding AI into their applications, WhatsApp has also made significant progress. They have recently launched Meta AI and now, they have come up with another mind-blowing feature called "Imagine Me". This latest addition guarantees to change the way we chat in a very dynamic manner. WhatsApp remains ahead of the pack in terms of embracing sophisticated technology into people’s daily lives through products such as Imagine Me.

WhatsApp with Meta's Imagine Me

Using artificial intelligence, WhatsApp is assisting users in selecting new display photos or appearing unique. A new tool currently under development by WABetaInfo called the latest WhatsApp Beta for Android (version can generate AI created images of the user. This eliminates the need for you to take a picture during your perfect holiday because WhatsApp’s forthcoming chatbot will be able to create images of you effortlessly.

WhatsApp Imagine Me
Source: WABetainfo

Even though this is not yet available, this leaked screenshot of the feature and it shows that during the time you opt for it initially, there will be need for you to send few reference photos, After taking the setup pictures, users can request Meta Al to generate an Al image of themselves by typing "Imagine me" in the Meta Al conversation. Afterwards the Meta AI Chatbot develops more photographs in which you are put in different environments such as “beach, office or outer space.” Users will retain full control over this feature and can delete their photos at any time through the Meta Al settings. It seems like there’s an AI image generator that’s been customized and integrated into WhatsApp. We can think of only a few things one could do with this, other than using the images produced for stickers on WhatsApp conversation. Additionally, users use this feature in other chats by typing "@Meta Al imagine me."

Currently this new feature is not available. But you can try it, you can generate your images in different environments using Photify. This is available on WhatsApp, Telegram, and their app is also available. Photify allows you to easily create imaginative images and use them in your chats, enhancing your messaging experience with personalized stickers and backgrounds.

The "Imagine Me" feature is optional, and you need to enable it through the settings. You'll also need to upload setup images to see the results. Although this feature is still in development, it could be rolled out to the public soon.

However, you may have to wait for some time before you can access this AI-generated photo feature. Rollout of the chatbot is still ongoing in supported regions such as the US and India. To check whether you have access, look out for a new blue icon on the main chat list screen. In addition, Meta has also been experimenting with a renewed top search bar that will propose artificial intelligence chat prompts.

WABetaInfo recently mentioned a new screen’s been added which allows users to switch between different language model sizes, Llama 3-405B is Meta’s best language model out of the stable and it performs more like a real person than their current Llama 3-70B lanuage. The screen also mentions a weekly cap on the usage of Llama 3-405B. This gives Meta an income stream, exactly what ChatGPT & Claude does with limited responses on their free plans. It’s not clear yet if Meta has planned ways to make money via it’s chat bot although the AI-generated photos was one way they used to build out the user base from first hand experience.

Well at the end of the blog, whether it is WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, the company is trying its best to improve the user experience and in this they are also trying to ensure that the user data is not tampered with for any reason. I mean the company is also trying its best for your online security and in this era of AI, they are bringing better and better features for you. By the way, Google is also not behind in this AI race. We will talk about Google some other time. To know more, join AndroBranch now so that all the upcoming news reaches you first.


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