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Change Text Colour in Apple Notes for iOS 17

Apple Notes is a great app in which you can write whatever you want. Apple also keeps bringing new features to improve your experience with new updates and by doing this, not only the experience of this Apple Notes app but also the experience of the Apple device you are using improves. But still many people are finding it difficult to find out how to change the text color on Apple Notes app. So in this article, we will show you how you can change the font color in iPhone and iPad Notes app.

Change Text Colour in Apple Notes for iOS 17

01. Paste from Another App

I think this method is very good, you just have to write the text you want to color on any other app and then color it and copy it and paste it on Apple Notes, it's done.

However, sometimes this method may not work properly like you have copied the text in a color but it is not pasted in that color.

02. Creating the Note on the Mac

Even though the Notes app is missing several formatting features on the iPhone and iPad, it is not the case with the Mac version of the app. So if you own a Mac, you can change the text color on the Mac version of the Notes app and then sync it with your iPhone.

  1. To change font color, open the Notes app

  2. Select the note and highlight the text to change its color.

  3. Right-click on the highlighted text or press Control and click on the highlighted text.

  4. Go to Fonts and click on Show Colours.

  5. Click on the color you want to apply from the palette.

Notes on Mac

Alternatively, press Shift + Command + C to access the Show Colour option.

You can also sync notes using iCloud, so that whatever notes you have written on your Mac, you can also find them on your iPhone

03. Paste color text from an existing note

If you already have a note in colored text, you can now copy and paste it and the color feature will be included.

For example, if you want a green text, highlight a green word in the existing note, paste it, then double-tap the word and overtype. The new text will be in green.

The Mac makes the task much more efficient and user-friendly compared to the other approaches. With this approach, he or she has a smooth workflow, which is particularly essential for the routinely carried out tasks. It offers an environment that is steady, has a full keyboard, a larger screen, and the vigorous features of the software that is for desktops. These attributes lead to effective productivity and ease of use.

04. Use a Third-Party Alternative

Although Apple tries its best to improve your experience, still Apple Notes for iPhone and iPad lacks many features. And this is the reason why we have to look at other apps. You will find many alternatives on the Apple App Store like GoodNotes App and Notability Notes App.

You will get many features in these apps but for some features you will need to pay money.


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