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Google App for Android Set to Introduce Gemini Toggle for Seamless Search Experience

Google's efforts in advancing generative AI chatbot Gemini are extensively documented. Already integrated across various Google services, including Workspace products, Gemini's reach is expanding further. Recently, the Google app on iOS introduced a convenient toggle to switch between standard search and Gemini, a feature absent in its Android counterpart. However, recent evidence from an under-development version of the Android app suggests this could change soon.


Notably, a collaborative report from app leak source AssembleDebug and PiunikaWeb reveals the presence of a new toggle in the Android Google app. While the specific version enabling this toggle remains unspecified, accompanying screenshots and videos demonstrate its functionality mirroring the iOS toggle. Google has incorporated sleek animations for the transition between Search and Gemini, enhancing user interaction.

Furthermore, updated shortcuts and buttons for Gallery, Translate, Homework, and Sing are showcased in a brief video detailing the new toggle. Although initially spotted last month, these shortcuts are gradually appearing for users on newer beta versions of the Google app.

Google Update

PiunikaWeb anticipates that the toggle's rollout for the Google app on Android may take weeks or months. However, users on the beta version should eventually gain access to it. Despite the absence of this toggle, Android users can still access the Gemini chatbot through the standalone app, whereas iPhone users are limited to the Google app.

The addition of this toggle to the Android Google app marks a significant enhancement, providing users with seamless access to both regular search and Gemini's AI chatbot experience.

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