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Google's Latest Lens Control Update for Pixel Phones

As a part of the goal to extend the life of and make them more useful, Google is introducing new features to its older smartphones. The fresh upgrade that the company recently had on board was a real exciting experience: the older Pixel models, such as the Pixel 3 and later, will now be given new lens controls. This update not only represents Googles' enduring commitment to the longevity of its devices after their initial release, but also offers advanced photography capabilities to those who may have thought their phones were out of the last cycle for updates. Let's discuss in further detail the new lens controls: how practical it is for the users of Pixel phones.

Google's Latest Lens Control Update for Pixel Phones

The last Pixel camera app update, version 9.4, based on the Report of 9to5Google, reveals considerable improvements. Specifically, the older Pixel lines such as the Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel Fold now have the possibility to use one function that was previously the advantage of just the newer models like Pixel 8 Pro. The introduction of the functionality choice, which is represented as the "Lens Selection" menu, constitutes this update. Users who are already on their existing Pìxel devices will be able to choose between Auto mode for smooth operation or Manual mode for more precise control thus, their photography experience will be bettered directly on their trusted Pixel devices.

Pixel Camera Update

This recent update is equipped with the Pro Lens selection Feature that gives users the option of manually selecting among ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto lenses. This feature is the beginning of lens control change as the lens choice is not done automatically but rather placed in the hands of Pixel device users. Providing a user can select the wide lens for a photography project with a larger angle of view, a wide lens for the standard perspective and a telephoto lens for a closer look at the details, the users have more control over the function of the camera. As a further step in this regard, the update of Google focuses on the improvement of the devices' continuing the versatility and ease of use of their older Pixel smartphones in the mobile photography environment that is changing all the time.

Pixel Camera Update

The main change of the most recent update is the moving of the Lens Selection into the Photo Settings. The section is now distributed into two separate tabs: General and Pro, which is a new feature that is meant to make the user experience more user-friendly and at the same time to allow users access to more professional settings. By transferring the feature of Lens Selection to the aforementioned redesigned structure, Google brings its users a more structured interface that allows them to switch quickly between normal and professional photography settings. This upgrade is a manifestation of Google's commitment to user experience perfection and the maximization of the efficiency of old Pixel devices via the improvements of the intuitive design.

Key part of the content is updated to RAW/JPEG toggle, which was shifted from hidden settings to Pro tab Pro Accessibility QWERT. In addition, the latest version of the software moves the RAW/JPEG toggle from a distant location in settings to a more practical solution, the Pro tab. This modification, aside from giving older Pixel phone users the control to move between the two kinds of image files in a direct way, also makes them comfortable that this task is in sync with the professionals' process to imbibe photography knowledge. Nevertheless, besides the Pixel 8 Pro, this version does not have the option to control image resolution accordingly. Nonetheless, the better accessibility of essentials such as RAW format choice hints at Google's determination to enhance photography options on Pixel devices, so that users are able to use their skills at a higher level than in the previous version, more predominantly.

On the other hand, Store video efficiently under Settings> Video is also moved hopefully to switch between toggles of Video Stabilization and Audio Zoom under Advanced Preference.

Pixel Camera Video Stabilization

As noted in the publication, the new update likely includes the HDR+ Improved Frame Selection feature for devices like the Pixel 6 series, the Pixel Fold, and Google's upcoming Pixel Tablet. This tweak enhances HDR+ by picking out the best frames from different exposures in a single blast of up to 25 images to improve picture quality. By widening this feature out to more of its modern devices, Google now ensures that people owning either a Pixel 6 family phone, any subsequent device, and now either a Fold or a Tablet will get better dynamic range and detail on every shot.

The updated version of the Pixel Camera app appears to be available for download though the new functionalities may not be enabled immediately after installation. Pro Lens and HDR+ Improved Frame Selection will presumably require a server-side update from Google or in conjuncture with the June Pixel Feature Drop so all eligible devices can acquire this at once as well. This allows Google to make certain that performance and user experience are best optimized across all generations of Pixel smartphones. For that matter, users should feel free to side-load the new version of the app as they’re released online, but you may have to wait on said features to be turned on in future updates.


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