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Meet Hanooman AI: India's Answer to Global AI Challenges

When many Chinese apps along with Tik Tok were banned in India, we got to see many Indian alternatives of all those apps. If we talk about Tik Tok, then its alternatives like Moj, Josh and many others, these Indian apps did not just copy those features and bring them to their app, but we also got to see many more features in these apps. Similarly, now the whole world has started moving towards AI, then how can India stay behind in this, as a few days ago we learned about Ola's Krutrim AI and today in this article we will learn about another Indian AI Hanooman.

Hanooman AI

You may have heard about ChatGPT, the chatbot that took the world by storm in late 2022. While ChatGPT was developed by a U.S. company, India has its ownn exciting AI project in the Works that could give CHatGPT a run for its money. If you are also an Indian, then you must know Lord Hanuman, you must recognize his power and devotion. And why was this AI named Hanooman, we have asked this AI itself and the answer to this has also been given very well by Hanooman AI.


A new player in the field of artificial intelligence has emerged from the vibrant tech landscape of India and is making waves Hanooman AI. This cutting-edge AI is not just any other innovation; it stands as a symbol of India's creativity and determination to tackle worldwide challenges with an audacious approach. The birth of this ground-breaking technology can be credited to a cluster of visionary engineers and data scientists who united with one common goal in mind: to develop an AI solution that would address the challenges faced by the world. In the realm of artificial intelligence, one recent Indian entrant - Hanooman AI, has captured attention for its advanced features.

A high-potential generative artificial intelligence platform makes debut in India, which was developed as a joint collaboration between Seetha Mahalaxmi Healthcare (SML) and Abu Dhabi-based AI investment company 3AI Holding Limited. Hanooman is set to change the AI landscape by supporting an astounding 98 languages — among which are included 12 Indian vernaculars, thus paving the way for greater inclusivity and diversity in AI applications across different cultural contexts around the globe. This capability positions it as a significant player in making AI more accessible and inclusive for the Indian population.

Key Features and Capabilities of Hanooman AI

Hanooman is prepared to cater for key sectors such as health care, governance, financial services and education. It introduces an open-source alternative to commercially available Large Language Models (LLMs) while providing a closed-source model focusing on the needs of businesses that require on-premises solutions. The background and development story behind Hanooman AI serve as a testament to India's growing prowess in the field of artificial intelligence.

Multilingual Mastery:

The fact that Hanooman AI can work in multiple languages makes it very easy to be appreciated by a large audience. This is especially important in a country like India where the linguistic diversity is phenomenal. The platform allows users to interact via text and speech thus making the user more comfortable during communication​ as language is not only spoken but written. Technologically, Hanooman AI is an absolute blessing. In terms of linguistic capability, it has a stride above most as it can interpret and convey message across the globe in 98 different languages, including 12 Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali. With such wide range of language support it serves as an effective tool for businesses and individuals who want to communicate with people from different parts of India or globally.

Multimodal Functionality:

Hanooman AI has more advantages than other Ai models but its multimodality is top in the list. According to The Finite AI, this feature allows the Ai to not only process and answer from text inputs but also as well as speech, images and videos. This way, Hanooman AI combines these different types of communication to deliver a more engaging and comprehensive user experience. So it can help, for example in a healthcare field: to analyze medical images + patient data = diagnostic assistance or even integrate classic text-based content with multimedia traditional learning… — theoretical knowledge.

Focus on Indian Needs

Hanooman Ai has focussed on key sectors important to India's development, such as healthcare, governance and financial services alongside education. Its mission is to fill some of these gaps, using AI towards the advancement and innovation in this direction.

Hanooman seeds: Hanooman AI set up by the team inspired from ancient Indian epic Ramayana and its protagonist, a legendary superhero monkkey god 'Hanuman'. Inside every mind of the AI is Hanuman, having powers to do things that are considered impossible.

The experts in machine learning, natural language processing and robotics collaborated with each other across these fields - which journeyed to make Hanooman AI what you see today. Over every achievement, the team was keeping up with to open horizons of AI deployment ranging in various domains.

Development and Partnerships

Hanooman AI’s ambitious goal for its first year of operation consists in reaching 200 million users showing how huge the scale and vision of its development strategy. This objective is backed up by numerous partnerships and collaborations that seek to improve the platform’s abilities and extend its market share. SML India, which steers Hanooman AI, has tactically teamed up with industry leaders such as HP, NASSCOM, and Yotta to ensure that the platform succeeds.

Yotta, a key partner, will provide the essential GPU cloud infrastructure necessary for Hanooman AI’s operations. This infrastructure is crucial for handling the extensive data processing and computational needs of a multilingual and multimodal AI platform.

Hanooman AI’s collaboration with NASSCOM is about fostering innovation in the AI ecosystem. Through interaction with over 3000 colleges, this partnership seeks to bolster AI start-ups, thus promoting new ideas and developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This move will also create a strong pool of human resources as well as innovation pipeline that will enhance the capabilities and outreach of Hanooman AI.

Besides industry partnerships, Hanooman AI has also partnered with government institutions. Notably, the partnership with the Government of Telangana and DARPG intends to allow English-Telugu translations to take place in a seamless manner. This partnership shows that Hanooman AI is determined to overcome language barriers so as to improve communication in governmental processes.

These strategic partnerships are critical towards achieving Hanooman Al ambitious targets for its users while also delivering an inclusive, reliable, high-quality AI experience. Through the incorporation of expertise and resources from these partners, Hanooman AI can make huge strides across various sectors in India.

How to use Hanooman AI?

Hanooman AI can be accessed through their official website or by downloading their Android app. On one hand, the website gives a full interface to manage projects, automate tasks and utilize AI suggestions whereas the Android app allows you to manage your work easily while on the move. Both of these platforms are made to fit into your current tools thereby making sure that as an end user, you can have a great experience irrespective of whether you are in your office or out working.

Step 1: Open Hanooman ai and Create an account

Open Hanooman ai and Create an account

Step 2: Now you are Ready to access

Now you are Ready to access

Step 3: Select Language

Select Language

Step 4: Ask what you want it will help you to solve your problem

Ask what you want it will help you to solve your problem

Hanooman AI is currently available for free, and soon, it will introduce a paid subscription model. The phased release of the product is intended to capture the masses whilst providing advanced features that are suitable for professional use. As Hanooman Al is an Indian-developed Al assistant designed specifically for India’s local context and cultural nuances. This aspect of its design makes it capable of better understanding and replying to individual requirements or preferences of the Indian users hence offering a more personalized experience.

By blending cutting-edge technology with an in-depth knowledge of indigenous languages, practices, and customer specifications, Hanooman Al can be termed as a ground-breaking Al assistant that will change the way Indians engage with technology. Inherent in the design of Hanooman Al is transparency and ethical practices. Privacy, security, fairness are prioritized by the platform making it possible for all Indians irrespective of their backgrounds or economic conditions to have equal opportunities.

Hanooman Al’s unwavering focus on Indian needs puts it at the forefront in changing how technology serves and uplifts this country’s diverse people. Through encouraging innovations, closing gaps between segments while promoting ethical AIs, this paves the way towards a more just and prosperous future.

Consequently, the wave of change that has been brought about by Hanooman AI is now on the verge of wrapping up. This marks a new milestone in the AI world since Hanooman AI outperforms all other artificial intelligence solutions by adopting a user-oriented approach and embracing cultural diversity. With open-source, developers can use it in different ways to create various applications for different sectors.

Hanooman Al, in the future, looks to be limitless. This new form of Al is constantly developing and it may be that its impact will grow bigger on many aspects of people’s lives. From personal recommendations to hands-free help, Hanooman could make our interactions with technology more natural and intuitive. However, change can seem uncomfortable; you should approach such new things as Hanooman with an open mind and curiosity. When human inventiveness and discernment combine with the growing powers of artificial intelligence, the prospects are inspiring. If nurtured responsibly, this technology Hanooman Al might create a sphere of fresh human possibilities waiting for discovery. A view into this pioneering development in Indian technology has now been presented to you. In future, you can look forward to watching how Hanooman Al progresses to shape your world more fully around you.

To experience the power of Hanooman AI firsthand and stay updated on its latest developments, join Androbranch today. Embrace innovation with us as we embark on this exciting journey towards a smarter tomorrow. Let's shape the future together with Hanooman AI!


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