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WhatsApp Developing Instagram-Style Like Button for Status Updates

WhatsApp continues its trend of innovation with yet another exciting addition to its beta version, aimed at enhancing the user experience. The most recent feature, reminiscent of the ubiquitous 'like' button seen on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, is causing a stir among beta testers.

 Instagram style Like button in Whatsapp
Instagram style Like button in Whatsapp

In the latest WhatsApp beta version, users have been granted access to a preview of this upcoming feature. The addition is set to revolutionize how users interact with status updates shared by their contacts, offering a quick and intuitive means of expressing appreciation or acknowledgment.


Upon activation, the new 'like' button appears conspicuously beside the reply bar within the status user interface. Much like its counterparts on other social media platforms, this button is poised to allow users to instantly react to status updates with a simple tap, thereby streamlining the process of engagement.

The concept behind the 'like' button is straightforward: instead of navigating through the emoji selection process, users can now convey their sentiments swiftly by tapping the heart icon. While the exact mechanics remain speculative, it is anticipated that the feature will either send a predefined emoji, such as a thumbs-up or heart, or enable users to select from a range of reaction options, akin to the reactions found in messaging apps.

However, it's important to note that the feature is still in its developmental stages, as evidenced by occasional crashes reported by beta testers. While attempting to utilize the 'like' button, some users have experienced application crashes, indicating that the feature is a work in progress and not yet ready for widespread deployment.

Despite these initial hiccups, anticipation for the 'like' button feature remains high, with many users eagerly awaiting its official release. The potential benefits are clear: by offering a convenient means of interaction, WhatsApp aims to streamline communication and foster deeper engagement among its user base.

In conclusion, the introduction of the 'like' button feature in WhatsApp beta signifies yet another step forward in the platform's evolution. As the development process continues and any issues are addressed, users can look forward to a seamless and enriching experience that enhances the way they connect and communicate on WhatsApp. Stay tuned for further updates as the feature progresses towards its official launch.

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