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YouTube Music Introduces 'hum to search' Song Identification Feature on Android

Google is the most used search engine in the world and always tries to improve the user experience. In today's AI world, Google has also adopted AI and is making every service from search to other services easier. One of Google's products is YouTube Music, which was launched in 2015 and has become a better option for music lovers. Google keeps making many changes in it so that it can improve your experience and in this effort, you are going to get a new AI feature in YouTube which is being called Hum to Search or Play, Sing.

YouTube Music Hum to song

In this blog we are going to know about this new YTM feature -

This new feature Hum to Search will help you find songs that you have forgotten. You can search for songs using this feature by humming or singing. This feature was first tested on YouTube App and now it is being fully rolled out to YouTube Music for Android users.

By using this advanced audio recognition technology, YouTube Music can identify song based on Your Humming, Singing and whistling, without needing to remember the Exact Lyrics.

You know about this feature and now you must be wanting to use it too. So to use the hum to search feature, users will find a magnifying glass search engine on the right corner of the upper tab of the YouTube Music app, tap on it.

Then you will find a new waveform icon next to the voice search icon.

Tap on this icon and a colorful search page will open in front of you where users are going to use the Play, Sing or Hum a Song feature. Now you hum or sing a song, Google AI will do magic and compare your singing with YouTube Music's huge library of songs.

And as soon as possible it will match your singing and show you the full page search result. In this page you will see Cover Art, Song Name, Artist, Album, year as well as Download / offline status and along with all this, users can listen to the song if they want or save it in their library to listen later.

To delete a page, tap on the cross icon on the top-left corner or tap on the waveform icon at the bottom center of the screen to search again.

Testing of this feature started in YouTube Music in March, but a similar feature was introduced in Google Play Music much earlier. And Shazam App has also been offering this feature since long. This feature is a welcome addition for Android users who rely on YouTube Music for their music discovery needs.

The rollout of the Hum to Search feature is ongoing and currently available for Android users with app version 7.02. iOS users will soon have access as well. This feature first appeared on Google Search in 2020 and was added to the main YouTube app last year.\

The Hum to Search feature is a Game Changer for YouTube Music, This innovative feature uses advanced audio recognition technology to help users search songs simply and Easily by humming, singing, or whistling, without needing to remember exact lyrics. Currently available for Android users with app version 7.02, the feature will soon be accessible to iOS users as well. As Google continues to integrate AI into its services, YouTube Music users can look forward to an increasingly smooth and enjoyable music discovery experience.


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