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YouTube channel QR codes New QR Code will simplify Channel Discovery and Sharing

With more than 60 million creators on YouTube, YouTube is the world's largest video sharing platform. YouTube has achieved such a feat and hence it always keeps bringing new features that are good for both viewers and creators and now YouTube is adding QR codes for channels to facilitate faster connections, it is also testing effect creation for shorts, and expanding access to its "Jump Ahead" feature for clips.

YouTube Tests QR Codes for Channels

If you are also a creator then this will be very good news for you because if the QR code comes for YouTube channel, then it will become easier for you to share your channel.

As Per YouTube

Up until now, creators who wanted to share their channel with others had to copy and paste the channel link, which is difficult to do offline. Now, we’re experimenting with Creator QR codes creators. In the experiment, users will be able to share their Channel QR code on or offline with others to easily scan.

Google has informed about two new updates from the support page, of which the Channel QR code is one. QR codes are being tested to potentially give creators a new way to share their channels and work. QR codes can be scanned both online and offline, and creators involved in the experiment can generate QR codes by going to the 'YOU' tab below the menu > Share your channel > Using QR code. Users, on the other hand, can get the creator's QR code by tapping on the three-dot menu > Share > QR code on their channel page.

By the way, after hearing about this new feature, you might have also remembered Instagram and Snapchat like me because this feature was already there in them.

QR codes have long been praised as a connective solution for many different purposes, as in our India, from grocery stores to any big supermarket, you get the QR facility so that you can make payment directly from your bank account. And now perhaps, this new YouTube feature will provide more functionality to streamline connections, and help more channels get more subscribers to their clips.

By the way, Google has also said that for now this feature will be limited to only a few creators which will be for testing. If this feature succeeds in its purpose, then perhaps more people can also see it.

Apart from the creators, this feature is also going to benefit the viewers, suppose I have participated in this test, then my viewers can, on the channel landing page, choose the Share option in the three-dot overflow menu, then choose QR code from the list of options. The code will be scanned both online and offline.

Again, this will only appear on those channels on which YouTube has introduced the QR code option as part of its experiment.


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