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Experience Android 15's Advanced Volume Panel on Any Device with This App

Android 15 promises a reconstruct system volume panel with thicker, pill-shaped sliders, collapsible design, and playful animations for volume adjustments. However, the new interface has yet to roll out in the Android 15 beta, leaving users curious about what it looks like and how it feels to use it. Fortunately, the developer of the popular volume control app Precise Volume has created a way to experience the new volume panel UI without waiting for the official release of Android 15.

Android 15's Advanced Volume Panel

A Preview of the Android 15 Volume Panel

In its latest beta update, Precise Volume introduced a new "Android 15 Volume Panel Preview" popup style for its Volume Button Override feature. This feature allows the app to replace the system's stock volume panel UI with its own. The new design closely mimics the expected Android 15 interface, offering a sneak peek at the upcoming changes.

How to Try the New Volume Panel

To enable the clone of Android 15 volume panel UI on your device, follow these steps:

1. Download Precise Volume: Ensure you're using version 2.0.0-beta-8 or later. Get it on Google Play or Click Here

2. Unlock the Pro Version: The Pro version is required to access the Volume Button Override feature, costing ₹590.00. This one-time purchase unlocks other premium features, adding value beyond just the Android 15 preview.

3. Enable the Volume Button Override Feature:

  • Go to the app's Settings tab and scroll down to "Volume Button Override."

  • Toggle the feature on.

  • Grant the "Display Over Other Apps" permission, allowing the app to show its volume panel over any screen.

  • Enable the app's Accessibility service to ensure it responds to volume key presses. 4. Experience the New Volume Panel:

  • Press a volume key, and you should see Precise Volume's volume slider.

  • Tap the three-dot

Precise Volume

If you're exited to try out the upcoming Android 15 volume panel UI, Precise Volume offers a handy workaround. This third-party app clone the new interface, giving you a experience of what's to come while providing additional features like customizable volume steps and integration with automation apps.

Although you'll need to upgrade to the Pro version to access the Volume Button Override feature, Precise Volume's additional capabilities and flexibility justify the cost. Whether you're a power user or just curious about Android's upcoming changes, this app is worth checking out.

Give Precise Volume a try and let us know what you think of the new Android 15-inspired volume panel UI. Does it meet your expectations? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Jun 14

The app doesn't really work good at all unfortunately

The volume slider override just straight up never appears

It was a waste of my money and I wouldn't recommend

Jun 27
Replying to

Hi there!

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate you sharing your experience. The app you're referring to is actually available for free, so you shouldn't have been charged for it. Please ensure you downloaded the correct version. If you're facing any issues, you can contact the app's support team directly for assistance. Your satisfaction is important to us!

Best regards,

The AndroBranch Team

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