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Google Adds Extra Security Layer for Installing Potentially Harmful Apps

Google is going to bring many new features for you and us and it is also working on it. We will know about one of them right now and another feature "App auto open" about which we will know some other time in a new blog.

Google Adds Extra Security Layer

As Google does not leave any stone unturned in taking care of your security, and that is the reason that the Play Store has many types of security tools to protect users from vulnerabilities and Google wants to make it even better, so Google is now adding another layer of security to protect against malicious APKs.

According to the report of Android Authority, on version 41.4.19 of the Play Store, Google is working to keep users more safe from malicious APKs.

So far, when the Play Store scans the APK you install, a warning appears. Users can bypass this warning by tapping on "Install anyway", which is a risk because it may allow malicious APKs to be installed on their device. And Google is doing something new on this.

Google Adds Extra Security Layer for Installing Potentially Harmful Apps
Source: AssembleDebug

In a report by Android Authority, we found that Google is developing a method to increase users' security against malicious APKs. When the Play Store suspects an APK, you will be asked to enter a PIN or provide biometric authentication before installing the APK or updating an app from it. In a better and more concise way.

Android Authority has included this report in their APK Teardown. According to which the reported features may or may not come for the users.

This feature has not gone live yet, but we may soon see this new feature to further improve our security.


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