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Google Gemini's New Voice Options

The contest for AI dominancy between ChatGPT and Gemini is getting hotter. Right now, the attention has shifted towards making these generative AI models into all-knowing voice assistants like JARVIS from Marvel Universe. The latest beta release of Google app on android (version beta) brings us a step closer to this by announcing a new feature in Gemini.

Google Gemini's New Voice Options

Gemini's New Voice Selection Feature

In the previous, Google’s Gemini was not able to select different voices for its voice responses, a characteristic that was much awaited by users. On the other hand, the new beta version is equipped with an additional “Voice” settings option, which is entitled as “Voice Selection.” The address of this newly-implemented feature goes like this, “Select a voice that should be the main one for speech answers for Search.” Two new voices termed Ruby and River have been added by the users under this setting. So far, all attempts to pick these voices have not had any effects, thus it is uncertain if these are really new voices or are old Google Assistant voice brands renamed differently.

Gemini's New Voice Selection Feature
The APK Next lists down which could come in the future, following their ongoing development codes. However, it’s worth noting that these speculated features may not always be part of the final public release.

Distinction Between Google Assistant and Gemini

It is pertinent to mention the fact that the Google app has different settings for its two main assistants named Google Assistant and Gemini. While Google Assistant has access to a voice-oriented function that comes in 12 variants, the settings of Gemini do not include this capability yet. The new option, which enables the users to select the voice, does not sit in the Gemini-specific section, but rather it is found among the general settings hence the conclusion that these are meant for the Gemini platform only or whether this also applies to a whole GM alternatives package.

Potential Implications for Gemini's Voice Capabilities

This writes the fact that Gemini’s voice capabilities are becoming more powerful by means of Google, which suggests that the wildest idea of it going beyond the starter two voices is not out of the question. For instance, OpenAI has shown the vocal alacrity of ChatGPT 4.0, which had issues such as the creation of a voice that was too close to Scarlett Johansson's.

The Future of AI Voice Assistants

As Gemini, ChatGPT will undoubtedly provoke further AI voice technology innovation, Google is striving to excel even further.

The main target is to provide smart AI assistants, which will be not only intelligent but also capable of sufficient personalization and natural communication, similarly to the fictional JARVIS.

RehumanizeAI's competition among companies that offer digital assistants is expected to result in significant development in the utilization and personalization of AI in the coming years. The new voice selection feature by Google is a remarkable achievement which marks a new era of the mobile app sector, which is more dynamic and fun.


Stay tuned for more updates as we track the developments in the AI voice assistant arena and see how these changes will impact user interaction and the broader AI landscape.


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