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Google Launching "Circle to Search" for Chrome on Desktop

Google's innovative "Circle to Search" feature has been generating excitement in tech circles. This feature, which lets users initiate searches by circling on-screen content, has already been made available on selected Pixel and Galaxy devices. Now, it appears that Google Chrome users will soon be able to experience this seamless search functionality on their desktop devices.

Google Circle to Search

Currently, Google Chrome integrates with Google Lens, allowing users to find additional information about text or images on web pages and discover similar visuals elsewhere online. However, this functionality often requires multiple clicks and isn't as user friendly as the Circle to Search feature on mobile devices. With the anticipated update, Google seems to be streamlining the user experience in Chrome's Google Lens integration.

The first indication of this upcoming change was spotted by Leopeva64 on X/Twitter (h/t: Android Police), who noticed a new animation within Chrome's Google Lens UI. This animation mirrors the experience found on Android's Circle to Search, indicating that Google is working on bringing this unique search feature to the desktop version of Chrome.

While the current Google Lens functionality in Chrome allows users to capture a screen grab and perform a search, the process involves a rectangular selection and requires several steps. The upcoming update aims to make this process more Simple. Even though you can't yet draw freeform shapes to circle content on your desktop, the animation hinting at Circle to Search suggests that the user interface is being redesigned for a more streamlined and intuitive experience.

The observed animation also aligns with previously noted changes in Chrome's Lens behavior, such as background blurring for screenshots and a Lens icon that follows the cursor. These Enhancement point to a more fluid and user-friendly way to search and interact with content on the web.

While there's no exact date for when this update will become widely available, the Expectation surrounding it suggests that it's likely to be rolled out soon. As Google continues to refine the Circle to Search feature for desktop users, this upgrade could transform the way we interact with and search for information online. Stay tuned for more updates as Google continues to innovate with its Chrome browser.

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