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Google Messages Now Displays Names of Unknown Contacts in Notifications

Ever receive a text message from an unknown number and wish you could instantly know who the sender is? Google is addressing that problem with a new feature in its Google Messages app. This feature, currently in the beta version of Google Messages (messages.android_20240506_01_RC00.phone_samsung_openbeta_dynamic), allows you to see the name of an unknown sender in the text message notification, providing additional context before you even open the message.

Google Messages Now Displays Names of Unknown Contacts

The functionality works when you receive a message from a number that isn't in your contacts list, but the sender has to enable Profile Discovery. If this is the case, the notification will display the sender's name, giving you a quick way to identify who they might be. This can be particularly useful for avoiding spam or deciding which messages to be prioritize.

Google Messages

However, there's a limitation to this new feature: it only works if the unknown sender has enabled profile discovery in their Google account. To enable or disable this setting, users need to visit their Google account settings via the web. Although there is a support page that explains how to enable this setting in Google Messages, the current steps are not yet functional, indicating that Google is still in the process of integrating this feature. Moreover, while the setting is available in the latest beta version, it's hidden by default, and attempts to manually enable it by modifying the APK have been unsuccessful.

It's worth noting that showing a name with an unknown number isn't entirely new; some beta users have had access to a similar feature previously. The key difference with this update is that the names now appear directly in message notifications, offering a more convenient way to identify senders without opening the app.

This addition to Google Messages reflects Google's ongoing commitment to improving and enhancing user experience and privacy. As the feature continues to develop, users can expect a more seamless way to manage their messages and better control over who can discover their profile information.

Stay tuned for further updates as this feature rolls out more widely. If you're interested in trying it out, consider joining the Google Messages beta program, where you can test new features before they are officially released.


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