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Google Wallet is coming to India, but it's missing something important

Google has revived its Google Wallet app, replacing the legacy Google Pay app in many regions. As the name suggests, Google Wallet is designed to act as a digital bank for credit/debit cards, loyalty cards, tickets, and more. However, Google decided to keep Google Pay for Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and Near Field Communication (NFC) payments in India, leaving the Wallet app absent from the Indian market. That's now changing, with Google Wallet officially launching in India. But there's a catch: you can't use it to make payments.

Google wallet in INDIA

The Key Differences

In most parts of the world, Google Wallet is the preferred app for digital payments. However, in India, payment functionality is still exclusively managed through Google Pay, with no immediate plans to change this. Google Pay will remain the default payment app, and it’s where you must manage your payment methods.

Even it dosent support payment, Google Wallet in India still has some useful features. It allows you to store movie or event tickets, boarding passes, corporate badges, and loyalty or gift cards from popular retailers like Flipkart and Domino's. Thanks to Gmail integration, the app can automatically pull tickets and passes from your email inbox. It's worth noting that Google Wallet is exclusively available on Android, with no plans for an iOS version.

Wear OS and Contactless Payments

One downside to Google Wallet's limited functionality in India is the impact on Wear OS users. With the Wallet app lacking tap-to-pay, Android smartwatch users can't make contactless payments from their devices. This could be problematic for users who rely on wearables for quick and easy transactions.

Coexistence and Confusion

Google Wallet's launch in India, alongside Google Pay, might lead to some confusion. Given Google Pay's extensive use and recognition in the country, Google likely aims to avoid disrupting its existing user base by maintaining two separate apps. However, this decision can lead to uncertainty about which app to use for what purpose.

How to Get Google Wallet in India

If you want to download Google Wallet, you can find it and download it from the Google Play Store. Be aware that if you get a region-based error message, it might just be a matter of time before it becomes available in your area.

Google's move to introduce Google Wallet in India without payment features has left many users puzzled. While it offers useful tools for storing tickets and loyalty cards, the inability to make payments or manage them directly through Wallet could limit its appeal. For now, Google Pay remains the trusted app for digital payments, with Google Wallet serving a more limited role in the Indian market.

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