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How to Stream Netflix on Discord

Discord, which is used by more than 300 million people, was earlier mostly used by gamers but now people from every segment are using it. As Discord allows you to voice, video, and text chat, there is another feature that makes it even better and using this feature, you can Netflix and chill with your friends and family even while being far away. If you want to know how to stream Netflix on Discord? Then you are at the right place because we will not ask you to purchase any streaming box, you will be able to stream directly from your PC and Mobile.


  1. Must have active Netflix Plan

  2. You need a Discord Server

Screen Share Netflix on Discord

You can use the Windows or Mac desktop app or the web browser version to screen share Netflix.

  • Launch your Preferred Web Browser on Windows or Mac

  • Access Netflix site and Sign in to your account

  • Keep web browser running in Background and Launch Discord app

  • Select Gear icon at the app's bottom-left corner (user setting opens)

  • select "Registered Games" in the left sidebar

  • In the right pane, choose "Add It"

  • In the box that opens, click the "Select" drop-down menu and choose your open web browser.

  • Then press ESC to close discord setting Window

  • On Discord's main screen, in the left sidebar, join the server in which you want to stream Netflix.

  • Then, in the app's bottom-left corner, click the monitor icon next to your web browser.

  • Now You'll see a "Screen Share" window.

  • click the "Select a Voice Channel" menu and choose the channel in which you want to start the stream.

  • Choose the desired streaming resolution and FPS (frames-per-second) in the "Stream Quality" section.

  • To begin streaming, at the bottom of the "Screen Share" window, click "Go Live."

  • You'll see a floating window on your screen, letting you watch your Netflix stream on Discord.

  • Successfully sharing your screen is shown by Live next to your username. You can preview a thumbnail of what's displayed on your screen share.

When you'd like to stop streaming, then in the floating window's bottom-right corner, click the "X" icon. You can also click the X in the bottom right corner of the Discord window. So this was an easy way to stream Netflix on Discord, so enjoy watching a great movie with your friends.

Watch Netflix with the Netflix Discord Bot

Netflix and Discord have teamed up to design and develop a bot called, "Hey Netflix." The Netflix Discord bot makes it easy to watch Netflix on Discord and even host a watch party with your closest friends!. Once it's installed, it is easy to watch your favorite shows through Discord with anyone you wish!

  • Install the Netflix Discord Bot

  • Once installed on your server, just type the command '/heynetflix'

  • A box will open where you can choose which movie or tv show you want to watch.

  • Enjoy Watching

Screen share Netflix on the Discord mobile app

Streaming on mobile is also easy, you just need to download Netflix and Discord app on your phone. The process given below is for Android, the process for iPhone is also similar.

  • Open Netflix app.

  • Browse and open the Netflix TV show or movie you plan to go live within the app।

  • Leave the app open and return to your homepage to launch the Discord app.

  • Select a Discord server and select the voice channel.

  • Inside the voice channel, tap the bottom toolbar to access more options.

  • Tap Share Your Screen option below Soundboard.

  • Accept the recording or casting with Discord permissions.

  • When your camera is active, it will be shown by default. To stream Netflix, open the Netflix app from your device's background and tap the play button to start your stream.

  • When you finish broadcasting your Netflix stream, close the Netflix app and tap "Stop Sharing" on the Discord app.

Host a Netflix watch party

Having a watch party on Discord might not always be convenient, but it’s safe because there is no need to share your Netflix account details. Not all people can afford streaming services; that means sharing with others would be a nice idea and an interesting thing to wait for.

Inviting your extended family and friends from other countries over to a discord watch party is a cheap way to share your Netflix account. Other streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, have also started offering support for watch parties; however, subscription is mandatory for everyone who wishes to participate.


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