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Microsoft to Launch Xbox App Store

Microsoft has been saying for years that it is bringing a new gaming store for mobile users, Microsoft first hinted at a "next-generation store" in early 2022 and according to the report, it will be launched by July this year.

Microsoft to launch Xbox App Store
Microsoft to launch Xbox App Store

Till now Google and Apple were working comfortably with strict rules, so this gaming store is going to give them competition. Companies can easily publish their apps on this new gaming store and soon it will also take the form of an app store from a gaming store.

During Bloomberg's Technology Summit, Xbox President Sarah Bond revealed the launch of the Xbox Gaming Store and said that "We're going to start by bringing our own first-party portfolio to [the Xbox mobile store], so you're going to see games like Candy Crush show up in that experience, games like Minecraft," "We're going to start on the web, and we're doing that because that really allows us to have it be an experience that's accessible across all devices, all countries, no matter what and independent of the policies of closed ecosystem stores."

Bond has also confirmed on behalf of the company that this Xbox gaming store will be launched by July. However, at launch it will be web-based and with time it will take the form of a great app store. Saying this, Bond said, "This web-based store is the first step in our journey to building a trusted app store with its roots in gaming."

Initially, you will find Microsoft games in this store which are quite popular like Minecraft, Candy Crush and many more. However, the company plans to support partners for a true cross-platform gaming experience. We can also expect popular gaming titles like Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile to be launched first in this store.

Launching a web-only mobile store will be challenging, and it's not clear how Microsoft will position it as an alternative to these mobile games already available on rival app stores. Bond says Microsoft will also "expand" beyond the web, hinting that it could launch a true rival to Google and Apple's mobile app stores sometime soon.

Microsoft's new App Store will prove to be a great alternative to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and will also give a tough competition, we feel from the statements made by the company. And the reason is, the launch of the Xbox Game Store on the web and other popular platforms like iOS and Android, shows Microsoft's commitment to expanding its presence in the mobile gaming industry.


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