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PPSSPP Now on iOS App Store: PPSP Games on iPhone and iPad

A bunch of game emulators has recently launched on the App Store ever since Apple loosened its rules to allow them. Now joining the ranks of Delta, Gamma, and RetroArch is PPSSPP, the well-known PSP emulator, which is now available for iOS users.

PPSSPP now available on the iOS App Store

PPSSPP Lands on iPhone and iPad

For those not familiar, PPSSPP is a free, open-source PSP emulator that's been around for macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and more. With Apple giving the green light for game emulators on the App Store, developers have brought PPSSPP to iPhones and iPads, no jailbreaking or tricky installations required.

The developers expressed their excitement in a recent blog post, saying, "After nearly 12 years, PPSSPP has finally been approved for the iOS App Store! Thanks to Apple for relaxing their policies, allowing retro games console emulators on the store."

Tackling iOS Challenges

While it's great that Apple is now cool with game emulators, there are still some technical Challenges for these apps on iOS. For example, third-party apps like PPSSPP don't have support for JIT (Just-In-Time) compilation, which affects how well some games run. Plus, features like using the iPad’s Magic Keyboard aren't available yet but might come in future updates.

More Emulators to Explore

This week has seen the release of a couple more game emulators for iOS. RetroArch, a versatile emulator that supports most Nintendo consoles like N64, SNES, Game Boy, and Nintendo DS, is now up for grabs. Also, there's Gamma, specifically for PlayStation 1 games.

Get Now

Excited to dive into some classic PSP games on your iPhone or iPad? PPSSPP is ready and waiting for you on the App Store, completely free. And if you want even more features, there's a paid "Gold" version available for $4.99. It's a big win for retro gaming fans, offering a legit and easy way to play PSP games on your Apple devices.

Ready to relive the gaming nostalgia? Head to the App Store and download PPSSPP today!


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