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Samsung QuickStar’s New Update: Hide Your Mobile Hotspot Icon and More

Updated: Jun 24

In this era of swiftly evolving digital age, the ability to stay connected has emerged as a critical element for success. Recognizing this need, Samsung — one of the frontrunners in the mobile industry — consistently engages in innovation aimed at ensuring an optimal user experience. The recent update to Samsung QuickStar, an integral component of the Good Lock suite that introduces itself as a much sought-after feature— comes with the capability to conceal the mobile hotspot icon. The primary objective of this new release is to empower users with greater authority over their device's status bar: it enables them to have control over what appears on their screen and how it does so.

Samsung QuickStar’s New Update: Hide Your Mobile Hotspot Icon and More

Samsung is relentless in its pursuit to provide users with unrivaled user experience through the most recent QuickStar update that offers more customization options for its users. The new update, identified as version v7.3.06.50, allows users to remove the mobile hotspot icon from the status bar— an option which has often been requested loudly by many users for a long time. By ensuring this new feature is included, Samsung not only ensures a cleaner status bar but also delivers it alongside performance enhancements and stability improvements in what could be referred to as 'the complete package.'

What is Samsung QuickStar?

A tool that allows for customization, Samsung QuickStar can be accessed through Samsung's Good Lock app. It empowers users to alter the look and operation of their device's status bar. Through QuickStar, users are able to change the layout by adding or removing different icons as well as applying various themes to their status bar— truly personalizing their Samsung device with ease.

Here are some key aspects of QuickStar:

  • Quick Settings Customization: Users can change the layout, colors, and transparency of the Quick Settings panel. This includes altering the position of icons and toggles to suit personal preferences.

  • Status Bar Customization: QuickStar enables customization of the status bar, including the ability to hide certain icons or change their appearance. Users can also modify the order of icons displayed on the status bar.

  • Notification Panel Customization: Users can tweak the look and behavior of the notification shade. This includes customizing the background color, adjusting the transparency, and changing the look of notification cards.

  • Enhanced Functionality: QuickStar may offer additional features and shortcuts

The New Update: Hiding the Mobile Hotspot Icon

Key Features of the Update

  • Hide Mobile Hotspot Icon: With the latest update, users can hide the mobile hotspot icon from their status bar, reducing clutter and providing a cleaner look.

  • Performance Enhancements: The update includes various performance improvements and stability fixes, ensuring a smoother user experience.

  • Additional Icon Hiding Options: Users can also disable icons for Device Care and Modes and Routines, which appear on the right side of the status bar or in the expanded notification shade.

How to Hide the Mobile Hotspot Icon

  • Install Good Lock: Download and install the Good Lock app from the Galaxy Store if you haven't already.

  • Activate QuickStar: Open Good Lock and activate the QuickStar module.

  • Access QuickStar Settings: Navigate to the QuickStar settings.

  • Customize Status Bar: Find the option to hide the mobile hotspot icon and toggle it off.

Benefits of Hiding the Mobile Hotspot Icon

Cleaner Interface

By hiding unnecessary icons, users can achieve a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing status bar, enhancing the overall look of their device.

Enhanced Privacy

Hiding the hotspot icon can prevent others from easily seeing when your hotspot is active, offering an extra layer of privacy in public or shared environments.

Better Focus

A less cluttered status bar allows users to focus more on important notifications and indicators, improving overall productivity.

Samsung's latest QuickStar updates helps user to manage their device in a better way because they can nail down different power menu options. Specifically, now Samsung users can hide the mobile hotspot icon and other status bar icons at their own will. Besides the performance improvements, this update is a must-try for all Samsung users who care about privacy and like to customise their devices to suit their needs.

Update your Good Lock and QuickStar today to explore these new features. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below – we’d love to hear how these updates have improved your Samsung device usage!


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