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What's New in the iPhone 16: Expected Features, Design, and Upgrades

Anticipation is mounting as the iPhone 16 release date draws near, expected in September 2024. Amidst swirling rumors and high expectations, Apple may face a dilemma with potential price adjustments for the iPhone 16 to counterbalance the surging costs of components without denting its revenue. The ensuing release promises to unveil a lineup that could set new benchmarks in the smartphone arena, offering consumers an enticing glimpse into the future of mobile technology.

iPhone 16

As the digital world eagerly awaits the arrival of the iPhone 16, this article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the predicted features and upgrades that could redefine the user experience. From design innovations to camera enhancements and software leaps, each segment will explore the potential advancements poised to elevate the iPhone 16 beyond its predecessors. Stay tuned for an in-depth exploration of what might make this upcoming device a game-changer in the competitive smartphone market.

iPhone 16: Plus, Pro, Max

The iPhone 16 lineup is set to impress with its variety in size and enhanced features across different models. The standard iPhone 16 is expected to retain the current 6.1-inch screen size, while the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are anticipated to boast larger displays of 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches respectively. This increase in screen size in the Pro models aims to provide a more immersive viewing experience, catering to users who enjoy larger displays for multimedia and gaming.

Display and Design Variations

  1. Screen Sizes: The iPhone 16 Pro will feature a 6.3-inch display, whereas the Pro Max will expand to a 6.9-inch screen, both expected to enhance user engagement with sharper and more vibrant visuals.

  2. Design and Colors: Without a major design overhaul, the new Pro models will introduce fresh color options such as space black and rose titanium. These options reflect Apple's ongoing commitment to stylish yet minimalistic design aesthetics.

Advanced Features and Specifications

  • Camera Capabilities: Both Pro models are rumored to include a 48MP ultra-wide camera and a new periscope lens, with the Pro Max model featuring a 'super-telephoto' lens, which could redefine photography standards in smartphones.

  • Performance Enhancements: The Pro models might be powered by an A17 Pro or A18 chip, ensuring top-notch performance. Additionally, these models could come with up to 2TB of storage, catering to high storage demands.

  • Connectivity and Battery Life: Adoption of WiFi 7 technology and Qualcomm's Snapdragon X75 modem in the Pro models promises faster and more efficient 5G connectivity and internet speeds. The use of stacked battery technology could also mean longer battery life.

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Design Innovations

In the upcoming iPhone 16 series, Apple is set to introduce significant design innovations that promise to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. One of the standout features is the implementation of Border Reduction Structure (BRS) technology, which allows for slimmer bezels, especially in the Pro models. This design tweak not only contributes to a more sleek and modern appearance but also maximizes the screen real estate without increasing the overall size of the phone .

Further enhancing the user experience, the iPhone 16 will integrate a new Capture button. This feature is expected to be a solid state capacitive button equipped with haptic feedback, courtesy of a built-in Taptic engine. Its strategic placement under the power button will necessitate some internal redesigns, such as relocating the mmWave area to a position underneath the volume buttons, showcasing Apple's commitment to ergonomic and functional design.

Moreover, the thermal management of the device receives a futuristic overhaul with a revolutionary graphene thermal system. This new setup is designed to improve heat dissipation, ensuring that the iPhone 16 operates efficiently even during extended use. This is crucial for maintaining performance and longevity, reflecting Apple's forward-thinking approach to smartphone design.

iPhone 16 series dummy units
iPhone 16 series dummy units (Image Credit-@SonnyDickson)

IPhone 16 pro

IPhone 16 Pro

IPhone 15 Pro


8.25 mm









6.3" (159.31 mm)

6.1" (155.38 mm)


194 grams

187 grams

IPhone 16 Pro Max

iPhone 16 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro Max


8.25 mm

8.25 mm


163.0 mm

159.9 mm


77.58 mm

76.70 mm


6.9" (174.06 mm)

6.7" (169.98 mm)


225 grams

221 grams

We are not expecting size changes for the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus, and these devices will be the same size as the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

Display Enhancements

The iPhone 16 series is poised to dazzle with its display technology, offering enhancements that not only enhance visual appeal but also improve functional efficiency. The standard models are expected to feature a punch-hole display, eliminating the traditional notch for a more seamless screen experience, and might include a 120Hz refresh rate for smoother scrolling and animation. This move is aimed at providing a more immersive experience without compromising on the device's sleek design.

iPhone 16 Display

Micro-Lens Technology

The adoption of micro-lens technology in OLED panels is a significant upgrade aimed at boosting display performance. This technology involves a uniform pattern of billions of tiny lenses within the panel, which effectively reduces internal reflection. The result is heightened perceived brightness which achieves this without an uptick in power consumption. This innovative approach not only enhances the visual experience but also contributes to better battery efficiency.

Advanced Display Features in Pro Models

For those craving the cutting edge, the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models will not disappoint. These devices are rumored to retain the 120Hz refresh rate and may also feature enhanced peak brightness levels thanks to a next-generation scratch-resistant coating. Moreover, the Pro Max model is set to sport a 6.9-inch MLA OLED screen, designed to provide exceptional clarity and color accuracy, making it a prime choice for media enthusiasts and professionals alike. Additionally, the integration of MicroLED technology across the series promises superior brightness and color fidelity, further solidifying the iPhone 16's position as a leader in smartphone display technology.

These advancements in display technology are designed to cater to both casual users and multimedia aficionados, ensuring that every interaction with the iPhone 16 is as visually rewarding as it is efficient.

Camera Upgrades

The iPhone 16 series is set to revolutionize mobile photography with substantial upgrades across its camera systems, particularly in the Pro models. The introduction of a new 48-megapixel Ultra Wide lens and a super telephoto periscope camera in the iPhone 16 Pro Max enhances the device's capability for capturing stunning, high-resolution images across various distances.

IPhone 16 Camera

Enhanced Optical Capabilities

  1. Ultra Wide Lens: The new 48MP Ultra Wide lens promises clearer, more detailed shots, significantly improving the image quality over previous models.

  2. Super Telephoto Periscope Lens: This feature in the iPhone 16 Pro Max offers extended optical zoom, allowing photographers to capture distant subjects without loss of detail.

  3. Tetraprism Telephoto Lens: Available in the iPhone 16 Pro, this lens supports 5x optical zoom, providing versatility in shot composition and clarity from afar.

Innovative Camera Features

  • Capture Button: A dedicated physical button for quick access to camera functions underscores Apple's commitment to enhancing the user experience for photo and video capture. This button is designed to offer improved functionality over the iPhone 15 Pro's Action Button, making photography more intuitive and accessible.

  • Advanced Sensor Technology: The main camera's larger sensor ensures brighter and more vibrant images, even in low light conditions. This is complemented by an anti-reflective coating technology to minimize lens flare and enhance photo quality in bright environments.

  • Spatial Video Capture: Looking forward to compatibility with Apple Vision Pro, the iPhone 16 models are expected to support spatial video capture, adding a new dimension to video recording and consumption.

These camera upgrades not only cater to photography enthusiasts but also align with professional content creators' needs, promising a comprehensive and advanced imaging experience.

Performance and Processor

The iPhone 16 series is set to deliver unprecedented performance enhancements, thanks to the introduction of the A18 Bionic and A18 Pro chipsets. These chips represent the pinnacle of Apple's hardware technology, engineered to handle more demanding tasks with greater efficiency.

A18 Bionic and A18 Pro Chipsets

  1. Core Enhancements: The A18 Bionic chip, expected in the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus, and the A18 Pro chip in the Pro models, are based on TSMC's second-generation 3nm technology. This advancement not only boosts processing power but also enhances power efficiency, crucial for longer battery life and smoother operation under heavy loads.

  2. RAM and Storage: All iPhone 16 models are anticipated to feature 8GB of RAM, providing substantial multitasking capabilities. The standard storage starts at 256GB, ensuring that users have ample space for apps, media, and data.

  3. Specialized AI Performance: The upgraded Neural Engine in the A18 chip significantly improves AI and machine learning tasks, which is essential for features like advanced photography, real-time language translation, and augmented reality applications.

Enhanced Connectivity

Wi-Fi 7 Technology: The next-generation WiFi 7 technology could be included, offering speeds of at least 30 gigabits per second. This feature is expected to enhance the overall connectivity experience, supporting faster downloads and more reliable internet access, which is increasingly important in today’s connected world.

Thermal Management

Graphene Integration: The iPhone 16 Pro models might incorporate graphene within their thermal systems to better manage heat during intensive tasks like gaming or video editing. This not only prevents overheating but also maintains the efficiency of the device over longer periods.

Capture button

The iPhone 16 Pro series is set to introduce an innovative Capture button, specifically designed to enhance the photo and video capturing experience. This addition is not just a tweak but a significant ergonomic enhancement that could change how users interact with their iPhones daily.

Capture Button

Functionality of the Capture Button

  1. Single Tap Feature: A quick single tap on the Capture button allows the user to snap a photo instantly, making it perfect for those fleeting moments that are too good to miss.

  2. Double Tap for Video: For video enthusiasts, a double tap initiates video recording, simplifying the switch between photo and video modes without navigating through the touchscreen menu.

  3. Press and Hold for Zoom: Engaging the button longer enables the zoom function, allowing users to seamlessly zoom in and out, which is ideal for capturing details from a distance or getting just the right frame for your shot 24.

The strategic placement and functionality of the Capture button are expected to not only streamline the user experience but also aid first-time smartphone users by simplifying the camera's operation. This feature is a thoughtful addition, especially considering the increasing complexity of smartphone cameras. It ensures that all users, regardless of their tech-savvy level, can enjoy high-quality image and video capture with minimal effort.

Battery and Charging Improvements

Advanced Battery Technologies and Charging Capabilities

The iPhone 16 Pro models are set to redefine battery efficiency and longevity with the introduction of stacked battery technology. This innovative approach not only promises higher capacity but also a longer lifespan, ensuring users can enjoy extended usage without frequent charges 1. Additionally, these models are expected to feature enhanced heat distribution, which contributes to faster charging times, making the iPhone 16 Pro exceptionally user-friendly for power users.

Rapid Charging and Power Management

In a leap towards more efficient power management, the iPhone 16 Pro models are anticipated to support up to 40 watts of USB-C charging speed and an increase in MagSafe charging from 15 watts to 20 watts. This enhancement means significantly reduced charging times and more convenience for users who are always on the move. The integration of graphene heat sinks across the entire iPhone 16 line also aids in superior heat dissipation, further optimizing the charging process and battery health.

Extended Battery Life and Wireless Capabilities

The iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to boast a groundbreaking 30-hour battery life, setting a new standard for mobile endurance. Similarly, the iPhone 16 Pro is predicted to have a comparable or slightly larger battery capacity than its predecessor, ensuring that even the most demanding users can rely on their device throughout the day. Furthermore, the entire iPhone 16 lineup could feature reverse wireless charging, adding a layer of convenience for powering other devices on-the-go.

Software and AI Innovations

Generative AI and iOS 18 Enhancements

With the unveiling of iOS 18, Apple is set to revolutionize user interaction through advanced AI capabilities. The new OS will incorporate an on-device language model for generative AI, drastically reducing response times and operating without the need for internet connectivity, thus enhancing user privacy. This leap in technology is not just about efficiency; it's about creating a more intuitive and personalized user experience, with AI features expected to be a highlight at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) .

Siri's Software Overhaul

Siri is about to get a lot smarter. The integration of machine learning and large language models in iOS 18 means Apple's voice assistant can offer more precise and tailored assistance. Expect Siri to understand and anticipate needs better than ever, making daily interactions smoother and more enjoyable. This is part of Apple's broader strategy to keep pace with industry trends, ensuring that their devices remain at the cutting edge of technology.

AI-Powered Functionalities

The iPhone 16 is rumored to not only support spatial video but also integrate with Apple Vision Pro, marking significant strides in how AI is utilized in mobile technology . These AI-powered features, possibly including exclusive generative AI capabilities for the iPhone 16 models, are set to redefine the boundaries of what smartphones can do, making the iPhone 16 a must-have device for tech enthusiasts.


Through the comprehensive exploration of the anticipated features and upgrades, the iPhone 16 series promises to redefine the boundaries of smartphone technology. From groundbreaking camera enhancements to significant advancements in display and processing power, each element is poised to elevate the user experience to unprecedented heights. The meticulously designed innovations, such as the advanced A18 chipsets and the integration of AI capabilities, underscore Apple's commitment to pushing the envelope of what's possible, ensuring users can look forward to a device that is not only highly efficient but also profoundly immersive.

In the sphere of mobile technology, where innovation is relentless, the iPhone 16 series stands as a testament to Apple's vision of the future—a future where power, performance, and sophistication converge to create an unparalleled user experience. As we eagerly await its launch, let this preview serve as a reminder of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. For those keen on staying at the forefront of technology updates, remember to join AndroBranch for all tech updates, ensuring you never miss out on the next big release or innovation in the tech world.



1. What new features does the iPhone 16 offer?

The iPhone 16 introduces a range of groundbreaking features, enhancing user experience significantly. These include an increased screen size, a more powerful chip, an improved thermal design for better heat management, advanced AI capabilities for smarter operations, upgraded camera technology for superior photo and video quality, various design modifications, display enhancements for clearer visuals, and improvements to the voice assistant for more intuitive interactions.

2. Can you describe the appearance of the iPhone 16?

Leaked dummy models of the iPhone 16, revealed in April, showcase notable size differences across the lineup. The Pro models appear slightly taller and wider, while the standard iPhone 16 models feature a new vertical camera cutout, departing from the previous diagonal arrangement for the two-lens camera system.

3. What are the latest updates in iPhone 16?

The iPhone 16 comes with iOS 16, which includes a redesigned Lock Screen offering new customization options and widgets for quick information access. It allows users to link their Lock Screen to a Focus mode, utilizing Focus filters to minimize distractions within apps. Additionally, significant enhancements to the Messages app include capabilities to edit or unsend messages shortly after sending them.

4. How much does the iPhone 16 cost?

Pricing for the iPhone 16 starts at ₹79,990 in India. The iPhone 16 Plus is priced at ₹87,990, and the high-end iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to cost around ₹1,69,900.


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