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OPPO Reno 12 Series Launch in India: Full Specs and Availability

The waiting for the oppo reno 12 series India launch continues to escalate, which aims to offer new and advanced features and look for mobile phones. Specifically, the opening section implies audience’s rising interest by reporting OPPO’s steps in preparing the new phone while the second part translates this interest into a more specific, targeted expectation to meet the new oppo reno 12 and oppo reno 12 pro models. Focusing on innovation for the users, the series is planned to offer a range of advancements starting from the AI and up to the display advancements providing the idea of what premium smartphones can deliver.

OPPO Reno 12 Series

Focused on the oppo reno 12 series, due to be launched in India on July 12, this article goes deep into describing the technical characteristics of every model, AI nuances involved, and affordable price offers targeting India. These are the incorporation of Android 14 OS, the AI Writer that will recognize words you’re about to write and suggest the next word to type, and the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 that can supposedly be dropped from 6 meters. Also it expands the information about the oppo reno 12 pro price list of the segment of smartphones and the available color variations so that potential buyers know what they will get if they choose Oppo Reno 12 Pro 5G and its modifications when they are launched in India.

Launch Date and Availability

Confirmed Launch Date

The OPPO Reno 12 series is set to make its debut in India on July 12, 2024 . This launch follows the global unveiling and indicates OPPO's strategic timing to introduce their latest innovations to the Indian market.

Where to Purchase

Upon release, the OPPO Reno 12 and Reno 12 Pro will be available through major online retailers as well as OPPO's official website. This ensures wide accessibility for consumers across different regions of India, allowing them to purchase the devices conveniently from their preferred platforms.

Expected Launch Events

OPPO should be ready to launch what will be referred to as the Reno 12 series launch events in key cities in India. These events will be expected to involve a live demonstration of the new features especially in Artificial Intelligence and the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 7300-Energy platform. Such activities will create an interface whereby tech-savvy individuals and potential consumers get to interact with the new devices, improving the level of interest.

Detailed Specifications of OPPO Reno 12


The OPPO Reno 12 boasts a 6.7-inch FHD+ AMOLED display, ensuring vibrant visuals with a resolution of 1080x2412 pixels. This device offers a high refresh rate of 120Hz, providing a smooth and responsive user experience. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass Victus 2, enhancing durability and scratch resistance. With a screen-to-body ratio of 93.2%, users enjoy an immersive viewing experience.

OPPO Reno 12  Display


Powering the OPPO Reno 12 is the MediaTech, MediaTek Dimensity 7300 Energy mobile processor. This processor is fabricated through a 4 nm process and it offers high efficiency as well as stability and great performance. The CPU architecture includes Octa-core (2. 5 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A78 + 2 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A55) and a graphic processing unit that is Mali-G615 MC2, which helps in efficient performance and proper multitasking along with high icon quality.

oppo reno 12 Processor


The device is equipped with a 5000mAh battery, supporting 80W SuperVOOC fast charging. This technology enables the battery to charge up to 100% in just 46 minutes, significantly reducing downtime for users on the go.

Camera System

In terms of photography, you will find a triple camera set-up with great flexibility on the back of the OPPO Reno 12. This is the 50 MP wide-angle primary camera, the 8 MP ultra-wide camera, and the 2 MP macro camera. Front camera is also provided with a 32MP which is quite useful for taking high clear selfies. It has multiple shooting options and can capture 4K videos at Thirty frames per second for clear and bright shootings in different situations.

Operating System

The OPPO Reno 12 is running Android 14 with the help of ColorOS 14 consisting of many customized features and maximum performance boost. This-oriented operation system offers the most user friendly environment, which is both easy to navigate and productive for the contemporary smartphone user.

AI Features in the OPPO Reno 12 Series

According to GIZMOCHINA, the OPPO Reno12 Series is set to impress with a range of standout features. These innovations position the OPPO Reno12 Series as a cutting-edge option in the competitive smartphone market.

AI Best Face

The OPPO Reno 12 Series introduces the AI Best Face feature, which significantly enhances the quality of group photos. By recognizing human faces and expressions, this technology ensures that everyone in the photo appears at their best. It even adjusts for those fleeting moments when someone might blink, by detecting closed eyes and virtually reopening them, ensuring that every face is picture-perfect.

AI Eraser 2.0

AI Eraser 2.0 is a standout feature in the OPPO Reno 12 Series, designed to remove unwanted elements from photographs effortlessly. Whether it's a passerby or an unsightly object in the background, this tool utilizes advanced image recognition technology, boasting a 98% accuracy rate, to erase distractions and seamlessly fill in the background, leaving no trace of manipulation. This allows users to focus solely on the intended subject, making every shot flawless.

AI Studio

AI Studio is what OPPO has to offer; the smartphone is now a portable photo studio. This tool uses GenAI to let the users take perfect pictures of themselves without having to involve a professional photographer. AI Studio not only passes through the center thinning face during a video call but also offers more parameters to tweak backgrounds, hair, skin tone, and the like. It can be grouped together with applications intended for the creative user targeting exclusive tools once employed by professionals.

Price and Color Options

Expected Price Range

The upcoming OPPO Reno 12 5G is expected to have a starting price of, around ₹31,990 in India according to Smartprix. This pricing is in line with whats seen in the market, where the base model costs about Rs 44,660 for the version with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Additionally the Reno 12 Pro is likely to be priced at Rs 53,610 for the model, with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

Color Variants

The OPPO Reno 12 5G will be available in three different color options, Astro Silver, Matte Brown and Sunset Peach for the Indian market. Similarly, OPPO Reno 12 Pro 5G has a number of exclusive colors such as Space Brown and Sunset Gold hence providing wide range of selection for users to choose from.

Comparison with Global Pricing

The OPPO Reno 12 series has a higher pricing structure worldwide. For example, the basic model costs about €457.83, or roughly Rs 41,104.51 for the 12+256GB version. The global price of the Pro variant is €549.40 translating to approximately Rs 49,325.77 . In this comparison, there is a strategic pricing strategy for India that might make it more affordable in relation to its global prices for consumers in the country.

The launch of OPPO Reno 12 series in India brings with it a host of innovations that are going to redefine the user experience of smartphones. We have looked at the specs, AI enhancements and pricing for India specifically in detail. These combine to show how committed Oppo is towards making innovations that are based on users’ needs thus the reason why Reno 12 and Reno 12 Pro models manage to stand out among other premium smartphones. This means that this range doesn’t just target tech-savvy individuals but also wider consumer base interested in high-end features on their phones like better display technology, powerful processors, and cameras with multiple functions.

When viewed in broader terms, the arrival of OPPO Reno 12 series on the Indian market is important as it may eventually influence future trends in smartphone innovations. This also emphasizes how AI technology is becoming more crucial to improve user experiences. The way it will be received and what changes that would be ushered into customers’ minds as well as the industry’s standards will be interesting to see after its release. These considerations thus make it necessary to further explore AI features and their practicality within everyday applications that matter most, making OPPO Reno 12 a benchmark in the smartphone tech world.

Then I can tell you everything you need to know about the Reno 12 Series: pricing, specs, features, and availability


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